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Maintenance for Service Lift

In the service area usually managing the visitors at the peak is little complicated hence the management can run the traffic simulation program in the lifts which are operated by PLC’s. This system will avoid the queues in the lobbies and elevators.

Selcom offers excellent hospital lift maintenance and repairing, for the hospital and service lifts with selcom lifts we have frequent assessment and service for elevators to avoid emergency accidents. For the better service lift maintenance, we recommend the hospital with automation where the door can be open for a longer time so that if a patient bed is being carried, it can be done comfortably. In the lifts which we supply to the hospitals, we have them specially programmed so that the speed of the door to close might vary with the usage of the lift.

Selcom also supplies lifts which can be interfaced with the hospital’s security systems, and this automation can be the vital advantage for areas of restricted access, for example, the lifts on pediatric wards.  Lift use can be limited to staffs carrying a security pass.

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