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selcom elevator- passenger lift


Since 25 years, Selecom elevators is manufacturing and providing lifts for various purposes in the industry. All sorts of elevators like industrial and passenger elevators are available in Selecom. Although we provide our clients with the most efficient and fewer maintenance elevators but still every mechanical and electronic device-specific maintenance, out of all the elevators, the passenger elevators are more prone to be maintained regularly. They require regular maintenance for the smooth functioning.  Selecom provides passenger lift maintenance or repair services for your best results. 


Under the act of Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations which began in  1998, all the duty holders are required to ensure that passenger lifts are subject to regular inspection, maintenance, and thorough examination. The elevator is supposed to be surveyed by a consultant who is aware of all the little details about the technology as well as its use. The consultant is supposed to if the lift complies with all relevant regulations and whether it needs any introspection.

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